Friday, April 10, 2015

Still Sick


You are still battling this pneumonia. You are on antibiotics number 2, praying it helps! You have lost weight and are back down to 14lbs 6 oz.  You are working harder than usual just to breathe so we are watching you close. Your lung doctor scheduled your sleep study for the end of May, in hopes you'll be feeling much better by then. We will have to pack up and head overnight to DeVos so you can be hooked up to machines on your face,nose, mouth to monitor all your numbers while you sleep. I'm a bit nervous about that, because you don't sleep thru the night.. Should be interesting!

You are sitting up all by yourself, getting onto hands and knees bouncing back and forth. You are bound and determined to get moving even if you are sick!

I sure hope this sickness will be over soon. It tugs on my heart to see you sick and loosing weight.

Love you to the moon and back,


  1. I have watched your journey and have praying and asking people to pray for your beautiful boy! I will continue to pray that the Lord will strength Erza every part of him! That the Holy Spirit will rain down on him and wash this sickness away in the name of Jesus Christ! You have a beautiful family you are truly blessed! Love his beautiful smile! The Lord has great plans for Ezra!

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  3. I love his bright smile - he is incredible! I too have been watching and praying for this boy throughout your journey. Love to the whole family!

  4. Happy Birthday, Ezra!! Praise the Lord, He has brought you this far.