Thursday, January 22, 2015

Praying Changes Everything!

Since I last updated, you've been fighting an illness. Your oxygen needs continued to climb. We have been giving you nebulizer breathing treatments, that you dislike, but seem to be helping. We got a chest xray done. You were so cute sitting on the red chair, strapped down. When the pulmonary doctor read the findings, he told us your lung disease is severe and to expect you to need supplemental oxygen for one to two more years. While my heart had a moment of disappointment, I recovered and realized you have life! You are filled with joy. We see life in a different way because of you. You melt any heart by just being next to you. Everywhere we go, we get comments about your eyes! Your eyes tell a happy story. Not a story of struggle, nor a story of grief. Your eyes tell a story of complete dependence on Jesus, which is The only way to experience true joy! One to two more years on oxygen is no big deal, we can handle that. But if there is anything I've learned over the course of a year, prayer changes everything!

Today you are back down on your oxygen and are able to come off for short time periods. God is so good to us!

Love you to the moon and back,

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Feeling Better!

We are thrilled to see you back to your normal self-happy! You light up the room with your eyes and smile!

We continue to pray for healthy, healing lungs!

Love you to the moon and back!