Monday, March 24, 2014

Water Broke


Wednesday afternoon I received my ultrasound report from my earlier appointment. After reading the report I was filled full of fear, panic and worry. The report concluded that the cyst on the baby’s brain is rather large and “worrisome”. My placenta has increased vascularization exceeding into the myometrium and in certain spots all the way thru the uterine wall. With the ending diagnosis of the report being, “possible placenta increta/percreta with complete placenta previa”! I knew it was a possibility but never did I think I had the worst case scenario. I figured maybe it was just placenta accreta.

That evening I was beyond stressed and believe that stress is what kicked in the contractions and cramping. After being in unbearable pain, we decided to head to the hospital. Once there I was hooked up to the contraction monitors, and could see I was having consistent contractions about every 3 minutes. The doctor quickly ordered an ultrasound to check on my placenta location. The doctor came back in and said, “this is a miracle” my placenta is no longer a complete previa (diagnosed just days before) and is just low-lying, also I wasn't dilated or effaced. We were relieved with the news, and praised God for this victory. Now, we could focus on stopping these contractions. After some fluid and dose of medicine, I was on my way back home. That night the contractions still continued, but were irregular in spacing. Once I got up and moved around the contractions hit me like a ton of bricks! As I was lying down again, all of a sudden there was a small gush of fluid. I instantly knew it was my water. I know the smell of amniotic fluid after having 5 kids, I was an expert! I began to panic and told my husband something’s not right, we need to go see the doctor right away. After dropping the kids off at Giselle’s house, we headed to the doctor. After one simple test, the doctor came back into the room with a box of tissues. Instantly my heart sank! He said he was sorry and it was in fact my bag of waters that had been broken. He then proceeded to tell me, he called the larger hospital, and the high risk doctor is expecting me. He also informed me there was an Obstetric Oncologist Surgeon standing by for surgery. He continued to explain that this placenta condition I have is serious and will require a hysterectomy, and that the high risk doctor brings in the Oncologist Surgeon for these specific cases. This is where it gets fuzzy, I remember collapsing into my husbands arms in the hallway and sobbing. The car ride to the larger hospital was a quite ride. I made a few phone calls, and the rest of the time just prayed.

 We arrived at the hospital; got three more tests done to confirm it was amniotic fluid I was leaking, which all came back positive. Immediately I met the high risk doctor who began discussing my care plan. I was to get an ultrasound done to view my placenta positioning, an MRI done to assess how deep the placenta is attached and to prepare for surgery. After the doctor left I remember heading to the bathroom and dropping to my knees in prayer. I begged God for His mercy, I begged Him for His strength, and I begged Him to not take my womb! (At this time it was pretty set in stone by the medical team the baby was not going to survive!) The prayers that filled that hospital room were simply beautiful. I headed off to the ultrasound room and got a detailed picture done of my placenta and fluid level. The doctor took one look and said “I don’t see anything abnormal with your placenta!” PRAISE GOD! Next he said “your fluid level is normal.” PRAISE GOD! Finally he said, “I am going to call off the Oncology Surgeon!” PRAISE GOD! At that moment I felt the Lord’s hand holding mine! I knew HE WAS HERE! I headed back to my hospital bathroom floor and again fell to my knees lifting up praises to my Father in heaven.

Later that evening I headed down to get an MRI, just to ease the doctor’s minds about the placenta plantation. During the MRI scan I talked with God like I’ve never done so before. I recited scripture, quotes about His goodness; all while being shoved into a small tunnel told to hold still. It was a long hour, but an hour I needed to commune with the Lord! Also, this was the first time I could feel the baby moving around and kicking within! He knows just what we need in the hour of trials! I met with my husband again after the MRI and to see his eyes filled with tears, I knew he too met with the Lord. He wrote a letter to the baby during this time, that I have yet to read. Hopefully when we are rejoicing with our little one, I can read that letter. It was a long night! I was restricted from food and water during the night, in case the MRI findings came back abnormal and surgery was to be preformed. I prayed for the MRI to be perfectly clear, that the Radiologist who read my scan would be a man/woman of faith and be given the eyes of God to see that the placenta is indeed normal.

By morning there were no results from the MRI still. I was tired, hungry, and still standing on the edge. But my leaking had stopped, contractions were gone, for this we were thankful. Noon arrived and a social worker came in to discuss going home. My face lit up, of course I wanted to go home! Being away from my 5 kids is heart wrenching and undo-able for this momma. I NEED to hear their laughter, I NEED to see their faces, and I NEED to be there to wipe their tears. I can’t do that from the hospital bed, God was working on answering our plea of returning home! Next the high risk doctor came in, and said “you got your miracle” the placenta is normal! I think the whole room took a sigh of relief and then said out loud “PRAISE THE LORD!” He asked if I would like to go home, and of course I said YES! I was then told I have 75% chance going into labor within one week. If I don’t go into labor I then run the risk of infection. I will need to be monitored by my OBGYN doctor on a regular basis. He said I have no restrictions and to “just live life.” The medical staff has really no hope for this baby. But God has already worked miracles and I don’t believe he’s stopping anytime soon.

These last days have been an emotional roller coaster, but we are hanging on. My husband has been my rock through all this, he’s never lost hope. He’s taken over ALL household duties, and makes sure I’m resting, drinking, and eating. I really married an amazing guy! My love for him has never been stronger than it is now! I’ve begun an intense vitamin/supplement regimen in hopes to strengthen my amniotic sac, replenish any fluid that was lost, and get my immune system in tip top shape to avoid infection.

 We really have no idea what to expect from here, but I do know as long as we have breath we have hope! Everyday is a victory, and the glory is Gods alone! We are beyond humbled and thankful for all the prayers, and food that has been dropped off. We feel very blessed! My husband is back to work, and  “resting” with 5 kids is a little difficult, but I know God will lead and provide for us like He’s already done.

  If you believe in the power of prayer and healing these are the specific things we are asking for:
  • The baby would continue to grow and thrive
  • No infection to set in
  • No contractions or labor pains
  • Amniotic fluid to remain at a normal level
  • A supportive and God-fearing care team
  • And last but not least peace and complete trust in our Creator! 
I leave you with our nursery that we were redecorating before this all happened. We pray in 16+ weeks we will fill it with a special gift! :) 1 2     3

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

19 Weeks

baby6a baby6
19 Week Update
This is an update on my pregnancy. I do realize we are a money saving website so please feel free to skip this post, if you're not interested in my personal life.
Ever receive a phone call where the news on the other end takes the air right out of your breath? That was my Monday, my wedding anniversary (7 years!) and the day I got the not so good news from the doctor. My little peanut is growing well, but they spotted a cyst on his/her brain. The doctor said he's never seen a bad outcome from that and it should resolve. That was the good news. Now for the not so good news, my placenta is a partial previa (explains the bleeding) and is hanging around my old c-section scar. After reviewing the ultrasound he suspects I potentially have placenta accreta (don't google it, it's pretty scary!) The placenta has attached itself to the scar tissue and grows deep until it finds a good blood/tissue supply, sometimes that's just one layer deep and sometimes that's all the way through the bladder! YIKES! If this would be the case for me, I would obviously need a cesarean and a total hysterectomy.

Blood loss is common and maternal death rate is high. So how's that for an anniversary gift?? :( I am really trying to find peace in all this, and have joy about the life growing within me! God has been so good to my family! There's no doubt in my mind he will lead us in the right direction. I just wanted to share a few instances on how He has worked in our lives in the past;
  • 2009:  I was pregnant with baby#3. My first 2 babies were c-section deliveries. I can not tell you how much I hated my babies being cut from my body. Everything about the surgery, recovery and lack of bonding ached my soul. I sought for God's wisdom in finding a provider that would allow me to labor and deliver naturally. Prayers were answered and I had a great birth in June, 2009.
  • 2009: After my daughter's birth I knew my heart's desire was to stay home with my children. I had absolutely no idea how that would be possible?! I was set to begin nursing school in the fall, had an amazing job working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with precious babes. But I prayed and God answered. My friend and I had just started a website ;) and to God's glory I made a small income that gave me the courage to quit school and my job!
  •  2011: Baby #4 was on the way! God placed upon my heart at 35 weeks to seek a midwife and pursue a home-birth. Yep, I  previously worked in the NICU, so I saw everything that could go wrong. But I prayed and God led. July 2011 I  had the most peaceful birth experience in the comfort of my home!
  • 2012: Baby #5 was on the way! This is when the Lord asked us to do something so radical. MOVE! Move where? THE COUNTRY! We were city kids. Ha! We knew nothing about country living, septic tanks, propane!? This is when the housing market was bad for sellers but great for buyers. But we listened. We were laughed at by Realtors and even family members  who told us we would never get that price for our house. After a few Google searches, we decided to give it a shot by ourselves, and listed it for sale by owner, and within one day GOD had it sold!!  Like I said GOD IS SO GOOD!
  • 2012: We rented a small, very old farm house (filled with flies and mice!) while the house in the country was being constructed. I can't even begin to list all the problems that arose. Satan DID NOT want us moving, that's for sure. But by God's grace we pressed on and moved into our home December 2012, four weeks prior I had baby #5 down on the farm! ;)
  • 2014: Baby #6 is on the way and the testing continues. But by God's amazing grace we will press on and give God all glory at the end of this journey! :)
In a matter of three days I learned that I love my life. I am ashamed to admit it, I was not at the point where I had surrendered my breath over to God. After all he has done, I was still holding onto my life!
He who loves his life will lose it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. John 12:25
God has also shown me that the little things that used to irk me, just don't matter! One day these "things" will just burn away. Life is a GIFT, and I am so thankful that Jesus surrendered His, to save mine! We truly serve an amazing God. I would like to ask my friends (that's you!) if you could just add me and the baby to your prayer list. We are praying that the ultrasound would just be wrong! For the placenta to move! And the baby to be of good health!
Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble,  and he saved them from their distress. He sent out his word and healed them he rescued them from the grave.  Psalm 107:19-20
I'll be sure to update you guys after I meet with a specialist in a few weeks.