Saturday, October 18, 2014


Your smile is contagious! Full of life!

You are fast approaching the 6 months old mark. You are still wearing newborn clothes, but they are getting a little snug, so we might retire them this week. You weigh 9lbs 9oz! You're 8lbs heavier then where you started!

We had a follow-up eye appointment and the doctor was so pleased with how well your eyes look. He said I am blessed to have a son with beautiful eyes!

You have weekly physical therapy appointments that you scream through. You hate tummy time, and for some reason they feel one week you'll just love tummy time. Ha! We shall see. But for now you are right on track developmentally for a 2 month old "corrected age". You can lift your head, roll over with a little assistance and smile!
Your oxygen needs keep decreasing! Such a blessing to see continued prayers answered. Hopefully soon we can kick this tank to the curb! RSV season is set to start November 1st. I think your lung doctor will want to keep you on oxygen for the entire season, possibly to your first birthday. We have an appointment coming up to find out....

Your sister just eats you up. She's a mini mom that holds and sings to you. When grandma couldn't get you to settle down, Raegan took over and you instantly were quite. We love seeing her with you. So precious!!!


Monday, October 6, 2014

Oh how I love you

Oh how I love you!

These days are hard and long. But oh how worth it you are! I'm so blessed to be called your mom. To see life. To watch you breathe overwhelms me. All could've been lost but spared you were. So many nights I wondered where we were headed. If I could be strong enough to handle the outcome. How our faith was put to the grinding wheel and I'm not convinced I passed the test, but I do know God loves you more than I do, which is unthinkable! I knew from a very young age all I wanted to do in life was be a mom. I remember asking God at the age of 10 to not return until after I have a child. I just wanted to expirence motherhood. A family. New life. At the young age of 17 I was unprepared for the news that I was expecting your oldest brother Parker. I knew then as I do now each life is a gift. There was a high school teacher of mine who set up a time for me to talk to an abortion clinic counselor. He told me I'd never amount to anything having a baby so young. I'd never be able travel. I'd never be successful. I walked out of his room 10 years ago, knowing that God chose me to be his mom. Just like He chose me to be your mom. Though I might not be much in others eyes, I'm worth a lot in our heavenly father's eyes. You are what I dreamt for. What I prayed for. Though I might not get to travel, I get to live life through 3 blue eyed and 3 brown eyed wonders every.  Single. Day. Success is only what we make it. It's not riches and its not fame. Success is giving up all to follow according to His plan.  Sure, most days are long, tiring, but so rewarding. To see every inch you grow, to see every ounce gained. To witness your first smiles, to see you poop without assistance (ha) is my payment.  I'm blessed beyond measure.

Love you my precious gift!